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No More Frustration: The Thorns of Opportunity

September 23rd, 2022

You also learned how a seemingly accidental event can instantly change your life,Guest Posting as you experience the magic of an “ah ha” moment.

Do you ever find yourself saying “Why bother!” or asking “What’s the point?” I mean you put in the time and effort only to end up with a result you don’t like or worse yet, a result you know others won’t like.

How many projects have you left incomplete, simply because you didn’t like the results?

Read on and learn why the frustration of incomplete projects doesn’t have to happen.

In this story you will learn that perfection often has little to do with being perfect.

Today I am going to tell you about the third field of roses and how the gardener of that field tended to the 1000′s of rose bushes in the third field.

Much like the “thorny” gardener, the third gardener was constantly clipping buds from the rose bushes.

Working from sun up to sun down it took every ounce of energy the third gardener had to clip the 1000′s of rose buds. Weeds were constantly a distraction.

There was never enough time to tend to both the rose buds and the weeds. Still, the gardener tried.

So, why is it that the third gardener was clipping the rose buds? Unlike the “thorny” gardener the third gardener was well aware of the bud’s purpose and very much wanted the rose to bloom.

In fact the third gardener focused every waking moment on making sure the rose bloom had every opportunity to bloom to perfection.